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620 Classic Games Retro Mini Console for All Ages

620 Classic Games Retro Mini Console for All Ages

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Video Game Controller included:YES
Type of devices:Other
Removable/Replaceable Battery:no
Category:Video Game Console
Operating System:EmuELEC 3.9,EmuELEC 4.5,EmuELEC
Supporting Language:English
Brand Name:Venmix
Origin:Mainland China
Function 1:Video Game console
Function:Retro Game Console,TV Game Console,Mini Console,Retro console,8 bit console,nes console,retro nes console,Video games,620 console
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Retro Game Console Classic Mini Video Game System Built-in 620 Games 8-Bit FC Nes TV Console for Adults and Kids

Product Description:

Unlock Childhood Memories: If you feel nostalgic about playing classic video games with your childhood friends, Our retro game console is like a throwback in time, offering you a wide range of classic games to bring back that childhood joy!

620 Preloaded Classic Games: This retro gaming system comes with 620 preloaded games, including all your favorites such as puzzles, action games, fighting, racing, sports game, and more that will keep you on your toes still to this day!

Fun Family Activity: Regardless of the age, a classic gaming experience is unrivaled by modern games! This entertainment system features 2 retro controllers, perfect to play with your childhood friends, family or show your kids who cool were the games back in the day!

Easy to Setup: Our old-school video game systems feature a classic 8-bit game console with a plug-and-play system that doesn't require an internet connection or insert cards. The console is easy to connect to your smart or old TV via AV ports and ready to keep you entertained!

Great Gift Idea: Surprise your best friend, childhood friends, family or kids with a cool retro gaming console and be sure that you will make a lasting impression! It makes an excellent gift for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Father's Day or other special occasions.

Retro Game Console – Bringing Back The Classics

Our mission is to bring back one of the most beautiful periods in your life with old-school games that will keep you entertained and happy while reminiscing those fun video gaming sessions with your friends. We rely on retro designs and high-quality materials to deliver a vintage entertainment console to share endless moments of fun and a classic gaming experience with your loved ones!

mini classic game system, play simple games without advertisement or additional cost.

Plug and Play, Video arcade console not only allows you to experience the new game with the latest equipment but also makes you revisit memories of the old game, finish the challenge you never finished when you were a child!

Tips:Not 620 Games,it has about 327 different games and some game is repeat with different version.

Retro Game Console Classic Mini Edition

No internet connection needed or insert cards,(works with old and newer smart tv), It's like being a kid again.

8-bit game console

620 preloaded games including racing, sports, fighting, puzzle or action games; (some repeats)

2 game controllers, dual Players Supported

TV output supported(PAL / NTSL)

Power: AC 110-220 V (US)


Q: One controller not working?

A: The left side is the main control port, and operations such as selecting the game, pausing, and exiting should be done by the main controller. The second controller(right) is designed to work only in the game.

Q: Can't enter the game?

A: Demo screen, use the "select" button instead of the "up and down" button control. "Start" to enter the game

Q: My TV just have HDMI connector, Can using it?

A : If your TV just have HDMI connector, it's requires AV to HDMI converter and HDMI cable (not included). You can choose other console in our store which support HDMI output. thanks


1. Only the main controller (the right one) can control system options. The secondary controller (connected to the left port) functions only in 2 players mode to control the 2nd character.
2. To switch game, press RESET on the console.
3. This console just support AV output, please confirm your TV have AV conenctor before place order, if your TV just have HDMI connector, please check our others HDMI support console in our store.
4. You cannot save the game progress. You can pause the game using Start. Note that some games are repetitive with different version.

Notice: If your TV do not have AV connector, you can using this AV to HDMI converter to using this consokle on your TV.
This converter only can convert the signal to HDMI, but cannot improve the picture quality.

Packing List:

1 PCS Retro game console

1 PCS AV conenct cables;

1 PCS Power adapter

2 PCS Controllers

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