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NEOECO NCT183K Airbrush Detachable Fluid Cups Multiple Nozzle Kit

NEOECO NCT183K Airbrush Detachable Fluid Cups Multiple Nozzle Kit

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Usage:Home DIY
Feed Type:Gravity
Nozzle Diameter:0.8mm
Power Type:Pneumatic
Cup Volume:2cc/5cc/13cc
Type:Mini Spray Gun
Model Number:NCT-183
Application:Paint Spray Gun
Brand Name:NEOECO
Origin:Mainland China

NEOECO NCT-183K Airbrush 2cc/5cc/13cc Detachable Fluid Cups with Hose, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8mm Compression Fit Nozzle Neelde kit

Nozzle Dia:Airbrush on 0.3, parts 0.5 and 0.8
Standard Nozzle Dia.: 0.3mm
Cup Capacity: 2cc/5cc/13cc
Working Pressure:15-50psi
1 * Airbrush
1 * 2cc Cup
1 * 5cc Cup
1 * 13cc Cup
1 * Nozzle Wrench
1 * Instruction
1 * 0.5mm needle
1 * 0.5mm nozzle
1 * 0.5mm nozzle cap
1 * 0.8mm needle
1 * 0.8mm nozzle
1 * 0.8mm nozzle cap
1 * Air hose
Key Features:
Versatile, designed for quick changes of custom mixed colors.
Dual action trigger controls both air and color (down for air, back for color), which allows the artist to change the width of the line and the capacity of paint.
Gravity feed works through the top-mounted color cup into the airbrush.
Perfect for model painting, body painting, nail arts, fine arts, car painting, photo retouching, cake decorating, textiles and T-shirt painting or some other paintings.

How to spray: 

1.Fill fluid in the cup after thinning appropriately. 
2.Hold the airbrush lightly in your hand 
3.By pressing the main lever, a stream of air emerges. Then draw it backward gradually for color atomization. 
4.The spray pattern is in accordance with the distance between a work surface and a air brush. 
5.For fine line spray, remove the needle cover and hold the air brush near a work surface. 

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