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Premium Carpenter Pencil Set Precision Durability and Convenience

Premium Carpenter Pencil Set Precision Durability and Convenience

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Lead Hardness:2B
Soluble Or Not:Paint
Writing Point:0.2mm
Model Number:FXC-668
Body Material:Plastic
Brand Name:kissbuty
Origin:Mainland China
Type:Mechanical Pencils

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-1. Deep hole manufacturer: The design time of the deep hole carpenter's pencil is 45mm extension and needle nose tip, reaching hard-to-reach areas, while other carpenter signs cannot. It is suitable for through-holes or other tight area signs.
-2. Sharpener for precise marking: The sharpener is screwed into the top of the mechanical drawing pencil, and it will not be lost, and your mechanical pencil will always be sharpened for good accuracy
-3. Mechanical pencil: The carpenter's pencil will not slip fingers from the pencil and repeated traces will reduce the pain; the pen clip design can be easily hung on the bag, easy to use and not easy to lose, improve efficiency, suitable for construction and masons
-4. Marks on different surfaces: solid woodworking pencils can draw on metal, plastic, glass, wood, paper, etc.; drawing pencils are durable and can be traced everywhere, stronger than hard lead; yellow can be on dark surfaces that are not attractive to gray lead Draw on repeatable
-5. Fill for continued use: woodworking markers are pre-filled with gray lead and come with a refill box, which can meet your woodworking marking needs for long-term use

Size: 145mmX14mm
Material: ABS
color: red

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