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Revolutionary ButaneFree Outdoor BBQ Lighter for 2023 Kitchen

Revolutionary ButaneFree Outdoor BBQ Lighter for 2023 Kitchen

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Model Number:588/589/853/tank
Origin:Mainland China
SIZE 588:170mm*35mm*20mm
SIZE 589:176MM*36MM*25MM

how to use lighter?

friend,we send lighter without butane gas,please refill butane gas and wait 3mins,then turn the the safty button to "OFF"Then you can ignite the lighter,any problem,please contact us!

about package,we usually send it safty with bubble bag.if you need gift box,please contact us,we will send you link of gift box ,you just pay the freight charge to us.

how to refill lighter?

Inverted lighter and gas bottle.then inflate the lighter no more than twice,each times less than 2 seconds,do not inflate too full,or it will spurt Fire,after complete inflation,wait 5 mins,then can use it

588 design

589 design


TANK design

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