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Versatile 4Piece Set Car Oil Seal Screwdrivers Pick Hooks

Versatile 4Piece Set Car Oil Seal Screwdrivers Pick Hooks

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Model Number:Removal Tool
Type:Oil Filter Removing Tool
Origin:Mainland China
Automobiles Parts Accessories:Tools and tool accessories
automotive goods:Special Disassembly Tool
Automobiles Parts:Car Disassembly Tool
auto accessories:machine tools
car accessories:Auto tools
for car:tools


*1. Robust and reliable: Robust surface and clear instructions, reliable industry standards.

*2. Wide range of applications: Designed for industrial, automotive, hobby and craft use.

*3. Environmentally friendly material: Made of high-quality metal material, high hardness and not easy to wear.

*4. Safe and durable: Can be used in a variety of stretching and marking applications.

*5. 4pcs pick and hooks per set, including 1* hook, 1* 45° pick, 1* 90° pick, 1* straight pick.

Package Includes:

1Set x Pick and Hook

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